F.A.Q. 11

How do you prefer to be called?

### I go by **Deby** *(pronounced [ˈdɛbi], mostly in real life)*, db or db0 *(pronounced [diː-biː] or [diː-biː ˈzɪərəʊ], mostly online)*. * Though this is not my legal name and I don't plan to change it legally, using the latter or similar nicknames makes me uncomfortable. * If you come up with a nickname you'd like to use, kindly ask first.

What are your pronouns, gender, kin, love and sexual preferences?

- Happy Human - Female on paper and happy with it, but I don't mind being misgendered. - I identify as Gender Neutral — I don't follow any stereotypes / social expectations regarding my gender, I make my own choices - Pronouns: She/her He/him (no preference) - Polyamorous — There are more than 2 happy, consenting adults in my family / relationship - Panamorous — I find genders to be irrelevant when getting closer to someone - Pansexual — I'm sexually attracted to any gender, including non-conforming ![](http://i.imgur.com/QmO2KSI.jpg)

Where are you right now?

### [Singapore](https://maps.google.com/?q=Singapore)

Where are you from?

I consider myself a **citizen of the world** and don't feel any attachment to any country or city in particular. *I try to change countries every 2-5 years. So far, I lived in [Nice (France)](https://goo.gl/maps/aMH7ZYnRiWD2), [Zurich (Switzerland)](https://goo.gl/maps/TMKjYQFApUv), [Long Beach (California, USA)](https://goo.gl/maps/EJvz16CoEK32), [Dublin](https://maps.google.com/?q=Dublin,Ireland), [Cambridge](https://maps.google.com/?q=Cambridge,UK), [San Francisco (California, USA)](https://goo.gl/maps/wwzhsF47jJ32) and [Singapore](https://maps.google.com/?q=Singapore).*

What's the best way to contact you?

- The fastest way to get answer would be direct messages on my Twitter [@db0company](http://twitter.com/db0company/). - An efficient alternative is to send me a private message on any instant messaging platform. You can find my list [here](/social/?tags=Instant Messaging). - Emails may work, but I do not guarantee any reply and replies may take months. - I don't take phone calls unless scheduled. - You can find more ways to contact me [here](/social/).

What's your life goal?

Make the world a peaceful and happy place, or at least contribute as much as I can towards that direction. I enjoy the process of creation of products that make people's lives easier or more enjoyable. I aim to pursue my career while always allowing myself to do that, as my own boss or within a company.

What's your favorite music, book, movie, game, sport team, ...?

I'm generally not into fiction, so the **movies/books** I enjoy watching/reading are mostly documentaries and practical / self help or business books. I'm yet to find a favorite, but I'll make sure to tell you if I do ;) I enjoy listening to a vast variety of **music genres**, from pop to rai, bollywood, classical, instrumental, country, dance, dubstep, electro, swing, opera, jazz, reggae, dancehall, classic rock, from the 60s, 80s, 70s, and many more! My **gaming** habits are mostly on mobile platforms. I played multiple games seriously, which is what led me to work in the mobile gaming industry. I play console and PC games occasionally. I'm not a big fan of board games, role playing games and social games, in general. I love **sport** and work out on a regular basis. I'm currently working on running endurance and upper body muscle building. I don't really like watching other people practicing sport and don't usually stand up for a side or another, in sports and other kind of entertainments. I'd rather play myself! ### *You can find the movies and animes I watched, music I listen to, games I play, and more in [this list of links](/social/?tags=Entertainment).*

What are your hobbies?

### Travelling + Programming Other random things I can think of: - Documenting what I do (with photos, descriptions, or even code documentation) - Taking the time to look at little insignificant things around me and making them important - Volunteering at various events - Hiking (preferably in the middle of nowhere) - Teaching people programming things - Swimming and running - Drawing characters - Taking pictures (I take ~50/day), editing pictures - Changing hair color, wearing preppy clothes or sailor inspired outfits - Reading/watching things about space, spaceships and airplanes (I want to be a pilot) - Watching people by the windows of cafes and imagining what they're thinking about and what their lives are like - Crafting gifts for others *(which I recently got a chance to do again thanks to my [Patreon](https://patreon.com/db0company) and I couldn't be happier ^_^)* - Discussing feelings with people around me - Filming and editing videos - Visiting abandoned places - Read about healthy food and keep a healthy diet - Going places I'm not supposed to go to (backstages and empty meeting rooms, for instance) - Wondering about random things and reading about them on Wikipedia for hours (Where is this company from originally? Who invented this thing and how did it become like this?) - Reading about history of the places I visit (and mostly remembering notable anecdotes :P) - Sun bathing - Discovering music - Learning about different cultures and do my best to belong - Telling stories - Trying as many restaurants as I can (I rarely go back to the same restaurant again - I feel like it's a wasted opportunity to try something new) - Enjoying the journey more than the final destination - Always learning more

Can I take a picture with you/of you?


What are your dietary preferences?

TL;DR: I'm a **picky vegetarian**. But I love food! - I'm allergic to cherries and most Mexican traditional dishes. I am not aware of any other allergy. - I don't eat pieces of meat, fish or seafood. - I don't mind fish or meat stock as long as the flavor is very subtle and not strong. - I enjoy spicy food when the spices come with flavorful spices, but I find spiciness from chili, industrial sauces or peppers uninteresting - My favorite type of cuisine is Japanese - Common ingredients I don't like: - Pepper, chili - Avocado - Olive (oil or spread is fine) - Cucumber - Beetroot - All melons (including watermelon) - Common ingredients I love: - Corn - Tomatoes - Mashed potatoes - Rice - Asparagus - Seaweed - Yam

Where did you travel?

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Any other question?

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