Sept. 12, 2015 - Oct. 31, 2015

After the success of [School Idol Tomodachi](http://schoolido.lu/), db0 saw a potential for mobile game communities and was willing to extend the concept. Turned out the company behind the original game released a game that was very similar, but with the [Glee license](http://www.fox.com/glee). The game mechanics were almost the same, which made it easy to understand and therefore build a database and community website on top of it. Armed with the lessons learned from [School Idol Tomodachi](http://schoolido.lu/)'s previous mistakes - being db0's very first Django website - and an eager to write **beautiful**, generic code, the [fr.gl](http://fr.gl/) project was born. Reaching a target market that db0 knew nothing about and wasn't part of made growing the site a bit of a challenge. But after searching for the various existing online communities around the licence, db0 found the right people: both real fans of the license and with a good existing network of connections within the target market. They quickly became ambassadors of the project and the brand, [fr.gl](http://fr.gl/), and made it the reference for all the players. Unfortunately, a few months after the game was released, the developers of the game couldn't afford the Glee license with the sales they were making, so it was discontinued. The players really wanted to keep [fr.gl](http://fr.gl/) alive, since it's a way for them to save their progress and remember the good times they had in the game. It is still active today, and players enjoy creating their own fan-made cards that look like the ones that were in the game.

3 000 cards
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